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Remote Support

One of the most effective tools we can use to support your immediate needs is remote support. We certainly understand the challenges and pitfalls that occur on campus. However, with Intellatek, help is just one click away. With the knowledge and effectiveness our technicians bring, we can resolve emergencies quickly allowing your staff to continue teaching and instructing.


School network installation is a service that Intellatek specializes in. Our complete school network installation offers installation for all types of academic establishments. Whether it’s an elementary school, high school, or academy; we can accommodate all requirements. Reliable and turnkey installations puts our principals and administration teams minds at rest. Call and let us show you what we can provide for you!


Since 2006, Intellatek has been providing personalized technical support packages to all our schools. The success of our program starts with the relationship between your school and ourselves. Listening and communications is extremely vital to the success of our programs. We understand the demands and timeframes placed on school and our programs offer on-site to remote access within minutes. Our ticketing system, automated inventory system of hardware, 24/7 server and network monitoring along with phone support rounds out the quick response to issue resolution. Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials.

Visitor Management

To meet the demanding safeguarding requirements within the education sector, Intellatek have teamed up with Ident-A-Kid, the complete visitor management system. The Ident-A-Kid system was created specifically for, and in collaboration with, educational clients. In a similar way to door access, the solution gives maximum traceability and control of all visitors accessing your campus each day

Hardware Procurement

The equipment used in school is a critical component of making sure education is running at the highest level. From quotation to delivery and installation, our team will take away the time-consuming aspects of hardware procurement and also arrange further discounts for volume purchases from specific manufacturers and distributors.

Apps and Software

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is a communications platform that can be easily integrated into an school’s existing software system. The program’s core features include: videoconferencing, IM and voice over IP, but these features are designed to be extendible to other Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, Office, PowerPoint, Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server. In a nutshell, Microsoft Lync allows all members of the school community to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive brings cloud storage technology to our campuses and integrates with students accessing word, excel and powerpoint documents. This system allows students to simultaneously edit Office documents, edit documents in browsers, and create and share folders. Our students and teachers can access documents anytime and from anywhere. Please give a call today to find out more.

Microsoft SharePoint

OneDrive brings cloud storage technology to our campuses and integrates with students accessing word, excel and powerpoint documents. This system allows students to simultaneously edit Office documents, edit documents in browsers, and create and share folders. Our students and teachers can access documents anytime and from anywhere. Please give a call today to find out more.

Lunch Management

Intellatek provides support and assistance to various back office nutrition-inventory systems. We support and train using friendly tools that track nutrition and inventory while integrating with menu planning and production records, nutrition analysis, ordering, receiving and kitchen capabilities.

Virtual Libraries

With schools moving toward a one-to-one environment, virtual libraries is an essential component for school libraries and the school’s learning culture. Collection Development, reference and powerful administration tools change the landscape for the future. They can offer 24/7 accessibility and just-in-time, just-for-me learning opportunities. As scalable strategies, school library websites allow librarians to guide unlimited numbers of learners in their journeys to become effective users and creators of ideas and information. Let us show you how!

Staff Training

It is critical for teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to learn from each other. Ongoing professional development and training keeps teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources, and more. The best professional development is ongoing, experiential, collaborative, and connected to and derived from working with students and understanding their culture.

Infinite Campus

With our partnership and in-depth training, we provide our schools with backend support. We provide training on tools to track both students and staff data. We help with reporting tools to help our schools quickly respond to changes in reporting requirements, public information needs and state requirements. Peace of mind for your registrars, office managers, FASA and administrative staff.



With educational networks chaving thousands of devices connected, providing a well-designed network infrastructure is critical. Our design starts with fully managed enterprise grade networking equipment ensuring both reliability and security.


When designing a network topology, security takes highest priority. We ensure our networks are protected against outside attacks with specialized firewalls. We strive to protect your students by providing internet content filtering that is automatically kept up to date.


Our robust wireless network infrastructure, using industry leading wireless equipment, provide reliable wireless service throughout our schools. We support thousands of wireless devices at any one time, including laptops, phones, and tablets.


Bring Your Own Device, allows students and teachers to use personal electronics devices while connected to the school network. Devices require no additional configuration, yet they receive the same content filtering and network security features as school’s own network receives.


Accidents and disasters can strike at any time. Our systems are properly backed up to both onsite and offsite storage. Fully monitored and prepared backups, ensure that no disaster becomes the last disaster.


Virtualization technology, means higher reliability, allowing us to keep our networks running efficiently and minimize any possible downtime. Making hardware failure nothing more than few clicks away from being back online.


So quick to respond...

“I have been working with the Intellatek team for the past year. I have never worked with IT people who are so quick to respond to computer issues, so patient with the technologically less proficient, and, most of all so nice to work with. I feel that our school is, technologically, light years ahead of any other school that I have been a part of previously. I look forward to our school’s future with Intellatek.”

Somerset Academy - Losee Campus

Their responsiveness to problems is exceptional...

"As a school building leader, I cannot afford to have interruptions in the technology used in the classroom for instruction. We have used Intellatek for approximately two years, and I appreciate the nature of their business. The monitoring of our network and the responsiveness to problems is exceptional....They are also interested in future goals of ours to know how they can better support us moving forward in our school. I look forward to continuing this relationship for years to come."

Somerset Academy - Sky Pointe Campus

A tremendous support..

"The Intellatek team has provided our staff with so much support this year with all of our technology needs. They have an easy system where teachers can place an IT ticket stating their needs request and the concern is usually addressed within 24 hours. We really appreciate the easy access and their willingness to always help. Having the Intellatek team has been a tremendous support."

Doral Academy - Saddle Campus

An outstanding resource...

"It has been an outstanding resource to have IT techs assigned to our campus on a regular basis! In our fast moving technological society it is critical that all our systems work properly and are back on line as soon as possible. This is accomplished seamlessly by IT and often before a ticket is even submitted. Thank you JJ and your team for all you do!"

Somerset Academy - North Las Vegas



Pinecrest Academy - Horizon Campus

Prompt, Professional, Excellent service...

"Intellatek has been amazing in supporting the opening and the daily operations of Mater Academy. Anytime we have a need or request assistance JJ and his team provide prompt, professional, and excellent service! At Mater Academy we also appreciate that the entire team has a sense of humor. On a long day, one of the guys will show up and add just the spark that was needed! As a Title I school there are many additional demands on our ordering procedures, Intellatek staff always take the additional time to ensure we are in compliance. I think my favorite part of Intellatek is that they never say never! They are always willing to help out! We love you guys!!"

Mater Academy - Mountain Vista Campus

They understand our needs...

"Intellatek has provided a personal touch to the services they have offered Nevada State High School. Mr. Christian has devoted his time and energy to help find the best most affordable solutions for our work environment. Intellatek has taken the time to understand our needs and provide practical advice to incorporating new technologies into our existing systems."

Nevada State High School

They are the best...

"Intellatek's technical support is always so pleasant and helpful. I never dread calling because no one ever gets impatient or cross no matter what I am asking. They never make me feel like my questions or needs are insignificant. They are the best, and constantly on top of customer service and I really appreciate it."

Foothills Montessori

Intellatek has been instrumental...

“As a new principal in a brand new building, I am very thankful that Intellatek has been instrumental in getting our school off to a great start. The team at Intellatek is responsive, helpful, and timely; and they have systems in place that make fixing any issues we might have very easy to resolve. The support we receive from Intellatek makes our 21st Century Learner focus that much easier to achieve!”

Pinecrest Academy - Inspirada Campus

Intellatek is by far the best IT team I have ever worked with...

"When it comes to superior customer service, knowledge, and planning, Intellatek is by far the best IT team I have ever worked with. They pay great attention detail, without ignoring customer needs. They resolve issues in a timely manner and always make sure the customer is satisfied, no matter what it takes. With today's businesses having a greater demand for IT services, there isn't a better company to meet those demands than Intellatek.”

Somerset Academy - Stephanie Campus

Who We Are

Intellatek is a unique and revolutionary technology company tailored towards charter and private school technology support. Our knowledge and understanding along with experience gives our schools the trusted partner they look for in their day-to-day technology needs. Our dedicated technical support team has extensive knowledge of past and present technologies that continue to be used throughout the education sector. We have over 20 years’ ongoing experience, delivering and extensive range of services and solutions.

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